Niche Analysis: Online City Guides

At Analyze Niche you will find in depth analyses of various online communities, markets, niches, etc. The goal is to show a step-by-step process that bloggers and businesses can use to research and strategically plan how they will successfully attract traffic, build a list, develop a community, and make money with a website.

Online City Guides This month we will analyze online city guides. These websites and blogs give readers ideas for things to do, places to be, places to visits, restaurants to try, fun activities for the kids, and community events.

This analysis will be organized as a blog series. What is a blog series? John Saddington at Tentblogger is the blog series guru. He provides a great explanation here: How to Create a Blog Series and Why You Need Them.

Online City Guides Analysis

This is the first in-depth niche analysis so I am excited to pilot this little experiment. Whether you are interested in entering this niche yourself or curious about the Analyze Niche process, follow along and subscribe to the blog.

  1. Is the Online City Guide Right for Me?
  2. City Guide Niche Brainstorming: Identify Your Target Audience
  3. Baseline Keyword Research: Things to do in Cleveland
  4. Niche Market Research: Defining the Target Audience
  5. Competitive Analysis: Local Events Blogs
  6. Developing a Unique Local City Guide Website
  7. Website Strategic Planning: Local Events (Outlining the Strategic Flowchart)
  8. City Guide Blog Networking
  9. City Guide SEO
  10. City Guide Content Creation
  11. City Guide List-building
  12. City Guide Community Building
  13. City Guide Monetization
  14. Go Mobile: A Unique App Experience for City Guide Publishers

If at any point you have any specific questions, just let me know!

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