Internet Marketing Strategies

This is a master list of the most popular Internet marketing strategies being used in businesses and blogs on the web. They are broken down in to distinct categories for each essential component of growing an online business: networking strategies, traffic generation strategies, content marketing strategies, list-building strategies, community-building strategies, conversion strategies, and monetization strategies.

In addition to each set of strategies, you should be doing extensive niche analysis and research whether you are just starting out or reassessing your strategies for reaching your goals.

You should also track and test everything with effective web analytics. Choose the strategies and tactics that align with your strengths and master them. Track your results and make adjustments when necessary.

Selecting the Best Internet Marketing Strategies For You

Don’t get overwhelmed by the long list of strategies below. In each area focus on the top 2-3 strategies that fit with your personality and strengths. Read up on the best tactics, tips, and tools that help you leverage the strategies to reach your goals.

Each group of strategies should work together to optimize your business. In the video below, I give a brief explanation about how each component of the Internet Marketing Strategies Flowchart works together with the other set of strategies.

Niche Analysis and Market Research Strategies

Niche analysis and research inform the strategic planning process that helps business owners and bloggers focus on the most important and effective strategies in their niches. This is a crucial step that many people neglect.

Each niche market is different, so analysis and research can be a big help in selecting the best strategies to help you advance past your competition in your unique situation.

  • Self-Evaluation: List Your Passions, Skills, and Interest
  • Keyword Research
  • Identify Your Target Market/Audience: Questions, Personas, and Locations
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Articulate Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Brand Audit: Domain Name, Design, Voice, Values, History, Background Story

Networking Strategies

Networking must be at the foundation of any Internet marketing plan. Businesses and bloggers must develop relationships with other people in their industry to grow awareness of their brand. In fact, in the online world it is better to think of your competitors as your friends. Networking is the key to effective link-building, increased exposure, and joint-venture projects.

Start to develop your personal and business network online using some of these strategy groups. Note that each platform offers different opportunities and challenges so study closely what others are doing inside and outside of your niche.

  • Blog Commenting Strategies
  • Participating in Online Forums
  • Twitter Networking Strategies
  • Facebook Networking Strategies
  • Google+ Networking Strategies
  • LinkedIn Networking Strategies
  • Email Networking Strategies
  • Conference Networking Strategies
  • Masterminds Groups

Website Traffic Generation Strategies

Without website traffic, it is impossible to grow an online business. In order to reach a website goal, whether it be lead generation, sales, ad clicks, donations, or attracting volunteers, websites have to have traffic.

Using the strategies below will help you generate traffic from other websites, increase your ranking and traffic from search engines, and attract a growing number of unique visitors each month.

  • SEO: Keyword Research
  • SEO: On-page Optimization
  • SEO: Article Marketing and Syndication
  • SEO: Linkbuilding Strategies and Tactics
  • Referrals: Guest Posting
  • Referrals: Social Bookmarking
  • Referrals: Wikisites, Squidoo
  • Referrals: Online Forum Posting
  • Referrals: Press Releases
  • Referrals: Paid Advertising: cpc, banner ads, AdWords, Facebook Ads
  • Referrals: YouTube Video Marketing
  • Referrals: Podcasting
  • Referals: SlideShare Slideshows
  • Direct Mail: postcards, billboards, car magnets

Content Marketing Strategies

For many Internet marketers, making the shift to a content marketing model is a challenge. Creating content takes time and effort, but the long term return on the time investment far outweighs the sacrifices. Content marketing is the most critical part of modern Internet marketing.

Use some of the strategies below to create content for your site. Experiment and develop your skills as a content-creator. Be the authority in your niche.

  • Website Design: Themes
  • Website Design: Sidebar
  • Website Design: Logo Design
  • Blogging: Personally
  • Blogging: Freelance Writers
  • Blogging: Community Blog
  • Blogging: Guest Posts
  • Blogging: Interviews
  • Blogging: Repurpose Content
  • Content Type: Online Forums
  • Content Type: Podcast Interviews
  • Content Type: Video Critiques
  • Content Type: Video Interviews
  • Content Type: Video Screencasts
  • Content Type: Series Posts
  • Content Type:Resource Pages
  • Content Type: Squeeze Pages
  • Content Type:Start Here Pages
  • Content Type: About Pages
  • Webinars
  • Email Newsletters

List-Building Strategies

The biggest mistake bloggers make is waiting too long to build an email list. Businesses make this mistake too by not generating leads through their websites.

Collecting email addresses is critical to your growth and success. The larger the list and the more interested the subscribers are, the more success you will have in reaching your online goals.

  • Email Opt-in Lead Magnet: eBook, eCourse, short video
  • Online Events: Webinars
  • Social Share Payments: Share with a Tweet

Community-Building Strategies

A high number of subscribers, fans, and followers is nice to have, but the amount of engagement is far more important to developing a successful online brand.

These strategies help gather your target audience into a community–a tribe–in which you are the key member.

  • Responding to Readers: Blog Comment Responses and Email Responses
  • Email Newsletters: autoresponders, blog post summaries
  • Blog Question Posts
  • Facebook Page Conversations: questions, fill-in-the-blanks, and surveys
  • Community Points

Conversion Optimization Strategies

So many people overlook the importance of optimizing the conversion rate of a website and individual web pages. This takes a little analytical skill, but the lessons businesses learn from testing and optimizing are essential to make the jump from good to great.

Once you have a certain set of goals in mind, it is essential that you test and tweak design and copy to increase the number of conversions to your goals.

  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Email Opt-in Conversion Optimization
  • Product Page Optimization
  • Sales Page Optimization
  • Advertisement Design

Monetization Strategies

How do bloggers and businesses make money online? There are many monetization models and strategies to choose from. Each niche offers different possibilities for making money online, but the possibilities generally fall into distinct monetization models with certain strategies that work best.

You need funding to power all of the great work you are doing on your website whether you are a business or a hobbyist. Once all of the strategic areas above have been optimized, it is time to monetize.

Monetization Models:

  • Information Product Sales: eBooks, eCourses, Webinars, Software/Apps
  • Physical Product Sales: Books, DVDs, Merchandise
  • Affiliate Product Sales
  • Advertising: CPM, CPA (CPL, CPS, CPE), CPC, CPV, Ad Networks, Sponsorships, Newsletter Ads, RSS Ads
  • Services: freelancing, speaking, coaching, consulting, events
  • Membership Programs: eCourses, premium content
  • Events: conferences, workshops
  • Employment
  • Donations

Monetization Strategies:

  • Pricing Strategies
  • Product Name Ideas
  • Product Design Ideas
  • Product Launch Strategies
  • Sales Funnel Strategies
  • Ad Placement Strategies
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategies