Is the Online City Guide Niche Right for Me?

This post is a part of the Online City Guides Niche Analysis series. The goal of this series is to provide a step by step process for starting a website in this niche with analysis and strategies that can be applied to any niche market or online community.

Before entering into any niche, you have to ask yourself if you have what it takes to make it happen. In this case, is the online city guide niche right for you? This isn’t just a question of skills and strategies. Those things can be learned. The bigger question is: can you see yourself being excited about this project on a daily basis? Are you passionate about your area and the things to do there?

Before you focus on the competition, you need to look internally. The competition will be there, I guarantee it. If someone didn’t have this idea in your area already then you should be worried. You’ll find other websites and local magazines providing advice and tips on local things to do. Don’t be discouraged. I’ll show you how to do competitive analysis and clarify your “niche within the niche” (your unique selling proposition).

Questions to Consider Before Creating an Online City Guide

  • Are you engaged in your local community?
  • Are you plugged into networks that would be able to share their experiences with local events in your area?
  • Are you able to attend local events or go on local excursions?
  • Do you like where you live?
  • Do you know of fun things to do in your area that you would be excited to tell people about?
  • Are you passionate about your city or local community?

If the answer to some or most of these questions is “no” then think twice before entering the niche.

Choosing the Online City Guide Niche

I can promise you, however, that you’ll learn something from the forthcoming analysis we’ll be doing in the coming weeks.

Why You Should Chose to Enter the Online City Guide Niche?

Wherever you go or wherever you live, people are looking for things to do. The web is the perfect place to find a solution to this problem. People will be looking for things to do via search engines and through their online social networks. They’ll be talking with their friends about the best family event to attend, the best late night bar hangout, the best Thai food, the best museum, the best place to get their oil changed, etc.

There are a number of reasons I think this niche would be an exciting area to explore. First and foremost, there will always be a great need. Finding local things to do or tips for travel to a certain city is a need that won’t go away. The opportunities to develop creative content is nearly endless. And if you are interesting in making a little money online, the opportunities to build relationships with local businesses for advertisements or paid reviews should be nearly self-apparent.

The Cleveland City Guide Case Study

I’ve seen a number of websites in this niche in my own area, but I wanted to start fresh without any idea what is out there. In this niche analysis series, I’m going to use the city of Cleveland as a case study. I grew up near Cleveland in a small town with nothing to do so we went to Cleveland often on the weekends. The Cleveland area has a lot to do as long as you are willing to do a little traveling.

So keep checking back here for more updates or subscribe for updates. Soon we’ll be doing some initial keyword research, competitive analysis, content-creation tips, and monetization advice.

Go Browns!

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  1. mike says:

    Ugh. That Brown’s game yesterday was horrible.
    I’m a Browns fan living in Pittsburgh. I’m going to the game this Thurs night. At one point this season I was excited to go. Now I’m not looking forward to it all. I’m just hopping we don’t get embarrassed.

    Good luck with the niche site though.

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