About Analyze Niche

Know yourself. Know your audience. Know your competition. Know your plan.

It is possible can build a profitable business sharing your passion in a niche market with online tools and internet marketing strategies and very little financial investment.

We now live in the world of the Long Tail. Anyone can put their message, idea, song, book, product, etc. out into the world without having to go through a gatekeeper.

At Analyze Niche (subscribe: RSS / email) , you will find the best strategies and tactics being used by bloggers and online businesses in various online communities.

Most internet marketing advice paints a broad picture that mostly applies to people selling products about making money online without real life examples or case studies. Here you will find case studies and real life applications of the best strategies being used online.

With the best practices of successful bloggers, entrepreneurs, and business owners in various online niches, Analyze Niche will help you get traffic, grow an audience, build a community, rise to the top of your niche, and even make money doing what you love.

What are the Challenges of Niche Marketing?

  • Niche Analysis: What is my niche?
  • Niche Market Research: Who is my audience? (and where do they hang out?)
  • A Unique Selling Proposition: What makes my business/brand/blog/book unique?
  • Networking: Who shares my passion and how do I connect with them?
  • Web Traffic: How do I get visitors to my website through SEO and social media?
  • Community Building: How do I build an audience of thriving fans and followers?
  • Monetization: How do I make monetize my website?

So who are the people thriving in these niche markets? What strategies are they using to overcome these challenges?

Find out.

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About Jared Dees

“Vocation is where our greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need.”

Jared Dees, Analyze NicheAs a teacher, I saw a great need for better religious education resources. In 2009, I started my first blog on Blogger.com to meet this need in the hopes of one day working for a publishing company creating educational materials as a full-time job. Seven months later I landed that dream job.

Since then I transferred that Blogger blog to WordPress, started an email list, became an authority in my niche, and started earning passive income as a supplement to my full-time job. I’ve done all of this in my free-time while I work towards a second Master’s degree in theology.

My deepest passion is teaching. I love sharing my passion with others. As a teacher, I can’t help but share the things I’ve learned about internet marketing. I now manage the digital marketing and publishing efforts at a publishing company and help bloggers, authors, non-profits, and businesses grow their online presence. With Analyze Niche, I hope to provide bloggers and businesses with the tools and advice to succeed in the smallest of niches.