8 Twitter Networking Tactics for Link-Building

Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz presents a great collection of 8 tactics for link-building through Twitter. He provides some great advice for people who understand Twitter and are looking to strategically use their time on the popular social network.

His list of Twitter Networking Tactics:

1. The Serendipitous Connection
2. The Top X List
3. The Let Me Build/Develop
4. The Story Teller
5. The Link Suggestion
6. The Content to Answer
7. The Must-Have Testimonials
8. The Business Development Deal


The Analyze Niche Twitter Strategy (In Brief)

My personal favorite is #2 simply because it summarizes my initial plan for this website: build relationships with bloggers in various niches and share the best of the best. I have diversified my Twitter presence by adding @analyzeniche as a portal for connection with bloggers from various niches. It is crazy to see the numbers at a double-zero. I love Twitter and I get it. Most people don’t get it. They broadcast rather than connect. They spam rather than help.

Besides Google+, Twitter is the best way to publicly reach out to others in your space.

All it takes is a follow and an @reply (or a DM).

Look at the success of  Scott Stratten (@unmarketing) and you’ll see how powerful Twitter can be. Or check out Brian (@coqui2008) from the travel blogging niche.

If you are a domainer or building niche sites only, consider adding a social media strategy to your repertoire. I think you’ll find it is well worth the time.

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Jared Dees is an experienced blogger and online entrepreneur who leveraged his first website to become a trusted authority in his niche, obtain his dream job, and generate passive income.

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