The Dip

Have you ever read The Dip? If not, you should.

It is a book by Seth Godin and the basic premise is this:

Sometimes it is important to quit what you are doing and focus your efforts on something you can be the best at in the world (or at least the best in your world).

I’ve read this little book (the audiobook, rather) twice. The second time to confirm a suspicion I’ve had for awhile:

When you choose a niche, focus on an area in which you can become the best in the world. If you find that this isn’t possible (or desirable) then quit. Quitting isn’t always that bad. 

I’m putting this website on hiatus to focus on other projects (1. here and 2. here) in which I have the potential to be the best in the niche or at least the best for a particular group of people within that niche–the one’s I’m really trying to help.